Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boston: Day 5

Sunday, July 8th
They day after the wedding I woke up really early and could not get back to sleep. But, we had to get up anyways for the post-wedding breakfast hosted by ug and al. Sorry no pictures of the breakfast. I didn't think it was anything very special (meaning it was a standard breakfast buffet and not special enough for pictures.) We go to say goodbye to wedding attendees and of course jy who is now jb and sb. Back to the Wachusett Village Inn to pack up the car and go.

Our first stop was Lowell, MA. I'm not sure what Lowell is famous for because I purposely took a nap during the 20min video at the visitor center. But, we did take a train ride. One of the old men on the train had a specific job and that was to hold up the red flag to warn cars that the train was coming through the intersection. The area of Lowell that we were in also had a bunch of art. I'm not sure what the art was but I only took pictures of the dressed that were blowing around in the wind.

After Lowell we made our way to Salem, MA. Of course Salem is known for the witch trials back in the day. We didn't stay long. Just jumped out of the car for a pit stop and so kj could get something for one of her girls.

Next was Rockport, MA. Home of Rockport shoes. Again I am not sure what Rockport is known for, but it is a very cute coastal town. We went into the Bear Skin Neck district (think it's the district if not the area of town). It is really touristy, but the town seems to be so laid back. The home are very pretty. When we were there it started to sprinkle, but it was refreshing.

I guess locals try to make a few bucks off the tourist and offer pony rides.

abb saw someone with this huge thing and it was an elephant ear. She went into a store and came back with one. It was light, buttery, flaky, and sweet.

Our last stop for the day was in Essex, MA. Another cute coastal town. Our goal in Essex was to find a place for dinner. At first we drove through the main drag in Essex. We saw one place, but ended up turning around. The one thing about this place was that it had a long line outside. At the time we thought these people were crazy because they were standing in the rain. Who knew that this was the place to be.

We drove back and stopped at this place with no parking. A guy in the parking lot told us that the food was just ok and nothing to rave about. Then he recommended Woodman's. Again we turned around and went to Woodman's. I am so glad this is where we had dinner. It wasn't just dinner it was an experience. We stood in line for a bit but everyone does that. You order what you want, we got 3 pounds of steamed clams and 3 lobster, then you find yourself a table and wait for your food. On the sign outside it says "Eat in the Rough". Woodman's is not fancy they just get down to business and business mean food.

The lobster was great and the clams were good too but sandy. Go to Woodman's!

Woodman's (this link is the review)
121 Main St. on the Causeway (Rte. 133)
Essex, MA 01929

Our day did not end with Essex. We had a slight adventure trying to find the Hilton at the Logan Airport. We got off a bit too early and made our way all over Boston. One of the places that we passed way Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill is known as the affluent area of Boston. Too bad we didn't get out to explore, that would have been fun. After about an hour instructions from a doorman with a heavy accent, another doorman, and lastly a taxi driver who told us to follow him we made our way to the Hilton.

One last random thing. Our rental car had California plates. Isn't that ironic?!

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Kris said...

We made our annual trip to woodman's last week -- it was great! I got the lobster roll, my husband got the mixed seafood platter and shared some with me. :)

We live just a few towns over -- we have to hold ourselves back from going too often.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to our neck of the woods. Looks like you really got out and saw a lot of the area!